Inspire Action

Boost Employee Participation in Environmental Programs

DaVita World Head Quarters
  • R500% Program Expansion
  • R38,000 Employee Volunteer Hours
  • RAwarded with Platinum LEED Status

The Challenge

Promote environmental advocate programs with lobby kiosk, 3-D installations, and microsite.

Priority 1:  Increase DaVita employee participation in sustainable initiatives to raise LEED certification.

Priority 2:  Promote leadership status in global healthcare sustainability.

My Role

I worked in-house with Village Green and SharePoint developers with contextual information visualizations, UX and API strategies, low-fi and high-res prototype designs for gated employee microsite and public-facing Kiosk.

Kiosk UX Design
Project Overview

1. Ideation


We tracked all the moving parts of our campaign with a collaborative spreadsheet. DaVita focused on procuring sustainable vendor materials for the 3-D installation designs, while I fully managed microsite updates with DaVita developers and built out the iOS kiosk app. The initial groundwork and documentation kept us on track with building the right thing for their campaign goals.

Identifying Opportunities + Flow

We develop a strategy to build out educational installations and onboard employee engagement with both static and interactive displays. The campaign features 10 goals integral to LEED’s Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) calculations. We first met to discuss effective visualizations and interactions to amplify the impact of employee contributions and sustainable practices.

Brand guidelines
UX Design Guidelines
Content Brief, Data for Visualizations, and Goals
ngagement Referral Map

Campaign Referral Map

Lobby Kiosk Engagement Map

 2. Build 

Information Visualization, 3-D Installation Design, and Interactive Guide

Part 1: Infographic Designs

  • Design infographics from IEQ data
  • Design 10 installations for LEED goals
  • Unite displays as part of a walking tour
  • Inform employees and visitors quickly
  • Promote volunteer opportunities and employee resources
  • Displays need brand continuity
  • Infographics must be simple enough to be meaningful at a glance
  • Collaborate with sustainably sourced vendors to request additional materials for installations
  • Extend creative assets for additional marketing opportunities
Track employee engagement

2-D Signs and PDF Resources

Some infographics were installed as signage at relevant locations at WHQ. PDF graphics would later be leveraged as downloadable resources on the Employee SharePoint website. DaVita was switching over to SharePoint servers at the time of development, and meta could be added to track employee engagement.

Information Visualization Design

3-D Installation Designs

Some installation locations provided a more prominent display using sustainably sourced materials used at WHQ.

Part 2: SharePoint Resources

Creative assets from the installation designs are optimized for global employee distribution on Village Green’s SharePoint microsite.

Our meta tracking goals include the following:

  • Online volunteer submissions
  • Share button actions
  • Print button actions
  • Download button actions
  • Employee campaign Goals
Track employee engagement
Sharepoint Microsite

Part 3: Lobby Kiosk

Keeping interactions minimal made it possible to inform employees and visitors in a succinct way. The kiosk walks through DaVita’s commitment to sustainable healthcare. It also unites all our infographic designs and 3-D installations as a guided walking tour for the building.

User Flow Diagram

Global navigation on left sidebar simplifies interaction with basic click-through navigations.

Low Fidelity Wireframe

The two views on the sketch include an overview screen and a secondary screen designed to highlight meaningful content with large images.

High Fidelity Prototype

  • UX/UI design allows visitors to explore topics at a glance
  • The welcome message is limited to one sentence, an indication of the user-friendly visuals that follow
  • Fitness flooring and events button placement is prioritized due to their proximity to the kiosk
  • Each screen features an installation design and lists location at WHQ
  • All content is curated to inform WHQ visitors and employees alike
  • “Get involved” button is always visible and links to inspiring volunteer opportunities
  • QR code on “Get Involved” module links to gated content content for employees
  • Public url is listed at bottom of global sidebar by DaVita logo
  • The kiosk returns to Welcome (home) screen after a minute of inactivity

3. Analysis 

1. LEED Walking Tour and Kiosk

The initial campaign amplified visibility by over 500% to employees worldwide.

Kiosks were added to Village Green booths at corporate events. Employee participation tripled in LEED initiatives to help DaVita reach platinum status. 

2. Employee SharePoint Platform

Leveraging a Powerful Collaborative Platform to United LEED Documentation

Migrating away from HTML to SharePoint adds data management system to track LEED goals shared among 1750 Locations and 36,000 employees at time of launch. Quarterly benchmarks are shared to inspire employees as they track their goals.

3. Adding the “Green Champion” Leadership Program

Optimizing WHQ Village Green Resouces with Inspired Employee Volunteers

My associate founded a new program, “Green Champions” to recognize associates who facilitate LEED goal tracking for their office location. We created a logo and added forms and PDFs on SharePoint to make it as intuitive as possible for offices around the world to adapt and participate in LEED Goals in a more efficient way. The program successfully trims WHQ time and resources and to this day has added over 1800 “Green Champions” that unite LEED goal tracking efforts.

4. Reiteration Insights and Outcome


Pivot 1DaVita Launches New SharePoint Platform and Unites LEED Goal Tracking.

Impact:SharePoint adds data management system and expands campaign resources and adds quarterly benchmarks to 1750 Locations and 36,000 employees at time of launch.

Pivot 2“Green Champion” Volunteer Environmental Advocate Program Launches.

Impact: The Village Green team amplified their engagement of their pilot kiosk program by adding 500 “Green Champions” in its first year and average annual growth of 260% to 1800 advocates. It has enriched employee experience with a total of 38,000 volunteer hours. 

LEED Benchmarks

LEED programs have expanded 43% to 2500 locations. Their data management system measures water conservation for 74% of locations, and energy conservations for 89% of locations. DaVita is amplifying climate change goals by prioritizing sustainable sourcing with 70% of its partners.

Employee Engagement Insights

  • Energy initiatives were easiest to adapt for new locations and with immediate results
  • Employees remain more active by their contributions when they see quarterly progress and participate in voting on environmental initiatives
  • The kiosk pilot program amplified volunteer outreach at corporate events, creating a ripple effect as environmental advocates (Green Champions) for their office location

Amazing! What a rewarding collaboration