Design Samples 

Welcome! Here are additional examples of information design, animations, conceptual modeling, and a collage to demonstrate my love of design.

Designing with Purpose

Information Visualizations, Displays, and Community Engagement Resources 

My design background is what makes me, “me”. I love creating design elements that elevate a presentation. Furthermore, I’m passionate about using discretion when I design. As a senior designer, I inherently prioritize elements that add contextual meaning. I’m proud of my work, both interactive and static, when it amplifies the intended outcome with a compelling design.

Dorcas Adopt a Granny Infographic
Info Display for Initiative
Email Newsletter

Animated Timeline App 

Data Visualization of Team Member Decision-Making Process by Myers-Briggs Personality

This mighty little app unites teams by making differences in the decision-making process observable by Myers-Briggs personalities on a 60-second timeline. We updated our flash build for JSON and HTML. I was responsible for conceptual design and development, and I project managed my developer’s JSON reiterations. We accomplished a lot on lean budget! For more details visit this project’s dedicated app page.

Part 1) Admin tool: Data Generator for JSON file

Admins prepare team presentations by adding a team data file, or uploading images and selecting personality types for each person.

Part 2) Personality Decision-Making App

Presentation screen lets Admins select a JSON file, and runs a simulation showing how decision-making times vary for different personalities.

Medical Abstract 

Interactive split monitor software simulation and complex conceptual visual request

The interactive simulation is no longer on the website, they have been acquired by Triopsy. I’ve decided to share this project with you due to the challenges of building conceptual modeling with specification requirements. I had to balance grandiose ambitions of the product owner and sales lead with my preference towards customizing more simple views for specific uses. See notations below.

Medical product

1: Overview
I elevated product presentation for this startup on lean resources. All they had were a few 3D CAD product views for the biopsy tool on the stock photo monitor table, and a few screen captures of software screens for me to simulate basic product interactions.

2: Lean product simulation
I created toggled screen view interactions to demonstrate left and right screen functionality. They leveraged mockups with clickable screen functions for stakeholder presentations to scale their product.

3: Conceptual modeling
I was required to show the biopsy tool, biopsy core selection software screen, and effective biopsy selection in lab use. I advocated for simplicity and explained focusing on the product ads impact. They decided to use my simplified visuals for marketing and we compromised on including the human lab element here. 

4: Product mockups:
Combined 3D tool, software screens, and stock photos to unite hospital monitor and lab setting.

5: Discretionary design
Added subtle design elements to enhance authenticity and compelling presentation.

6: Minimal content
Just enough content to add context for use case.