PSA Product Marketing 

Google Cloud Platform App

Visual Designer –VOGSY, 2019-2020
Landing page mockup for data product
Analytics and Visualization

Design + Development 

Research, SEO, Design, Hubspot, UnBounce, Google Goals, Data Studio

Material Design System

  • Google cloud product API integration product specifications for marketing UX/UI
  • Illustrated and animated creative assets leveraged for marketing optimization
  • Website optimization and SEO overhaul
Material Design Color Scheme
Typography SpecificationsMaterial Design

Landing Page Optimization 

HubSpot + UnBounce Campaigns

  • Salesforce campaign creation with event goals for website and HubSpot
  • HubSpot campaign creation and API integration for website and Salesforce
  • Unbounce campaign optimization
Campaign Manager

Analytics + Data Visualizations 

Onboarding New Customers with Use Case Metrics Amplifies Product Growth Goals

Front-end Development + Analysis

  • Google Cloud Platform API Dev
  • Google Tag Manager Goals for user engagement optimization
  • Front-end Feature Development
  • Google WebMaster and Dev Tools
  • Meta production and optimization
  • Lighthouse performance optimization
  • Ads and landing page performance

Develop Niche Campaigns to Amplify User Role Retention

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