Decision-Making App 

Visualizing Workflow

This mighty little app unites teams by making differences in the decision-making process observable by Myers-Briggs personalities on a 60-second timeline.

Team Decision Making Simulation

The Challenge

Create a business leadership app for enterprise team collaboration optimization.

Priority 1:  Design data visualization of 60-second decision making process by personality.

Priority 2:  Create admin tool to capture team data with JSON file to scale product use for desktop platforms as well as remote workshops.

My Role

Automating this business leadership exercise allowed me to wear all hats as a full-stack designer. I translated a worksheet showing Myers-Briggs personality types with timed notations along a quadrant. We customized additional features in several iterations that added presentation control and scalable workshop features.


We didn’t have the budget to research and develop detailed personas, but we established the main a brief defining who, what, and why, and defined design styles to build out the most viable product with lean UX.


worksheet to app
JSON app data flow
JSON app views


After mapping one personality “type” from the spreadsheet and onto the quadrant, we added different styles and modified the layout to accommodate the workshop presentation. 

We built the data generating tool last, adding color selectors to match the Myers-Briggs data system.

Data and image mapper
Part 1) Admin tool: Data Generator for JSON file

Admins prepare team presentations by adding a team data file, or uploading images and selecting personality types for each person.

Team Decision Making Simulation
Part 2) Personality Decision-Making App

Presentation screen lets Admins select a JSON file, and runs a simulation showing how decision-making times vary for different personalities.


Product pivots

The original presentation was lean, using names instead of images, and the presentation itself was limited to one view.

1) Actionscript and XML became a security risk for online platforms, and flash was replaced with JSON (javascript object notation).

2) Budget and timeline were prioritized for the initial build with global HR workshops scheduled a month from kickoff. Features had to be added on overtime in lean iterations.


In 2021 we added three big product updates:

Pivot 1Updated participant names to images with color border for quicker recognition.

Pivot 2Streamlined presentation controls to run another JSON file at any time .

Pivot 3We added a list view of participants by personality type.

Building the template

Iteration markups for presentation app updates, including updated menu/controls to deliver presentations more flexibly.

ux design iterations

Humanizing Data = Innovative Insights

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